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    Question Rescue Mannequin That Works

    Does anyone out there know of a decent training mannequin that won't fall apart from regular use? My department is about 160 paid guys and we have been going through atleast one Rescue Randy every recruit class. We buy the reinforced IAFF model but can't seem to make them last very long. When we run recruit classes the arms and legs end up getting torn off and they are very difficult to repair. We always outfit the mannequins in full turnout gear to protect them but it doesn't seem to help. If we are running all of our companies through drills we will almost without fail end up damaging one of the dummies that we have. I know these things are not indestructible but they just don't seem to stand up like they should. I have seen some dummies advertised that are made of heavy canvas and don't have the nut and bolt style joints like a lot of the plastic dummies do. Are these any good, and are they realistic enough to do drags, carries and lifts? Any help would be great.

    Eric Dreiman
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    This is quite the popular subject, here is a link to an idea that will help you, the picture of ours is at the end of the post.

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