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    Default Crimson Fire Apparatus Opinions

    Just found out that one of the dealers close by me chnged from e-one to crimson fire and was looking for peoples opinions of the chassis construction and the likes vs. dislikes of the apparatus. No just buy pierce, or e-one please.

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    I'm assuming your talking about Spartan chassis. We have two (2) 1996 Spartan/Quality (Now Crimson) Rescue Pumpers. I'll try to keep it simple, and keep in mind things may have changed, but here it is:


    1) Chassis holds up well to a beating over time.
    2) Body construction is solid and takes a beating over time.
    3) New body options are very interesting and seem to make good use of previously wasted space.


    1) Wiring is pathetic, actually beyond pathetic. Every generation of electrical development they move ahead and then keep nothing in stock for past model years. It is like pulling teeth to get parts (Boards, etc.). We actually go through the E-One dealer to get parts for them. This is the biggest problem they have.

    2) Air Conditioning system is underpowered to say the least and poorly designed and located within the cab. Half of it is used to overpower the engine heat before it can even cool the interior of the cab.

    3) Cab interior doesn't hold up well to constant use. Seat coverings and wall linings need to be rethought.

    Overall, if they fix the electrical issues and the A/C concerns they seem to produce a decent rig. Just some thoughts.

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    Larry,You forgot to mention that you actually have two builders under Crimson(maybe three).As you stated Quality is one,Luverne is the other.We've had good luck with our Luverne,no electrical issues to date,actually the only "bad"thing about this truck is they put "prarie gears"in the rear end(we're in the mountains)and they would work better if the ratio was set up for hills not flat ground running.Oh,and those damn cheap door springs break easy.Easy to fix though.Take your heat back will ya,it's getting hot up here!Hehe T.C.

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    I have looked at a Crimson fire demo and I was not impressed at all. Nothing wrong with the Spartan cab or chassis, it was the fire body that was the shody part of the feel for me.

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