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    Exclamation SOGs/SOPs for Domestic Violence

    I am a domestic violence advocate for my rural parish (county) in Louisiana. Presently I am working with the EMS system to provide training on DV awareness for the local first responders. The purpose is to recognize a household that violence is present (due to the safety concerns of the first responders), as well as to provide the most efficient care for the patient(s) without exposing the victim(s) to further violence. A “harmless” phrase or action for anyone else could set-off a batterer to hurt the victim when they are alone again.
    One thing that was requested was written policies (SOGs/SOPs) on domestic violence for the various EMS departments. Does anyone have a set I can borrow? (O.k. I'm really going to steal it, but why re-create the wheel?)
    I am willing to share to any & all the tips I am developing for my local EMS system. Email me at work if you are interested: ascbwp@eatel.com
    Also I am always looking for input to tweak this information.

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    I could look around, but I dont think we have a written SOG on it. Our county dispatch center may have one. But it's quite simple, domestic violence calls are treated the same as any violent situation. Stage a safe distance away until PD secures the scene. Period!


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