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    Default Time to target the real threat

    So now we find out that Iran has/had much more to do with Al-Qaeda then was known before. It seems that the real threat to us is Iran and was not Iraq. Saddam Hussein is a brutal,evil,vile man.It is good that he is gone for his peoples sake. However, one thing he did do was clamp down on "Mullahs", those wacky religious folks who hate everything about the U.S. and its citizens. We seriously need to do something about IRAN. They are deeply involved with terrorists and developing nuclear facilities. If we are ever going to be safe Iran must be stopped. Whatever it takes.

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    I am not usually one to advocate use of force on another however, there is this detour.

    During my time in the Arabian Gulf 2001-02, our ship got 'buzzed' by more Iranian P3's than I can count - which means it was almost a daily occurrance. Follow that with the times we were shadowed by Iranian gun boats AND the time we were challenged by an Iranian warship! That was real fun I can tell you. "Ya Right" he says. In all cases, we knew that they were fully loaded for war, and that it would not have taken much to aggrivate them. It felt like working very near a hornets nest: you know they are there, and they know you are there - all is mostly peaceful as long as each maintains a respectful distance.

    The only semi-political statement I should here is that maybe those individuals who make decisions of this calibre should make sure their facts are absolutely straight before deploying good people to nasty hot places.
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    Iran is a sticky wicket were diplomacy can still work.

    The nation very much has two groups locked in a long term, political structure. Conservative, religous leaders have a constitutional upperhand. Moderate, more western-values oriented leaders do exist. You see a lot of head-spinning-fast policy changes because of the fights between the two. Help the moderates win the struggle in the long term, we might yet manage to defuse the situation. Iran remains the most "westernized" of the countries in that area (outside of Israel).

    Of course, I'm sure the Iranians are quite cognizant of their geographic position --
    Persian & Oman Gulfs to the South.
    Afghanistan to the East.
    Iraq, Turkey, and the Kurds to the West.

    Well, at least they have Turkmenistan to the their North...
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