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    Default Lost but now without a clue

    I am a Captain on the fires American Civilian Fire Department in Iraq, Baghdad to be exact. I got here in January and realized it was extremely difficult to do simple everyday task. My father was then put on the heart transplant list and man was it wake up time. I am 5'9 and weighed 278 lbs since Jan 11 I have lost 74 lbs and man what a difference. I have considerbly more energy and feel great. Now the problem I have is I want to tone up and lift weights to make myself look decent once again. I just got back to Iraq and while I was home my wife cried when she saw me she was so proud of my weight loss. So I want to keep it going. I have no idea how to lift weights or to put routines together. I do know you should work certain areas of your body at certain times but not sure of anything else. Can someone suggest a website for very very beginners on weight lifting? Or if anyother suggestions could be sent to firemed821@yahoo.com
    Thank You All

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    honestly right now i would focus on losing more weight before starting a serious lifting program as a saftey precuation at your point in time. Right now learn the basics. couple good sites to check out are www.t-nation.com www.bodybuilding.com www.ruggedmag.com

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    Default Weight loss

    I can vouch for bodybuilders.com. That is a good website that shows you pictures of different lifting techniques. A point of advice when trying to lose weight concentrate of higher reps at a lower weight to help burn the calories. For instance if you are benching do a warm up set at a low wieght and than two sets of fifteen at a slightly higher wieght. A terrific website is www.firefightersworkout.com. Have him put together a workout for you and follow it all the way and maintain a healthy diet.

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