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    Question FDNY Background Investigation

    When i got hired with Houston the investigator went to all of my previous employers, residences, references, neighbors etc. all in person. Is FDNY's this thorough? If it is are they gonna send a investigator down here to Texas or will i just be written off.
    100 and 100 with no points list# 2074. Any info?

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    when you get called to start your investigation, they send you a large envelope of paperwork to fill out, and on one of those sheets you have to list 3 non-family members to be used as references, and when your number comes up theyll mail out a letter to each of them to fill out....from what i have been told its a VERY rare occurence for any FDNY officials to actually go to the address...theyll also mail stuff to your previous employers but that will be right after your paperwork gets handed in

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