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    Story on Front Page

    Iowa Fire Dept. Training Exercise Damages Neighboring House

    Courtesy of Quad-City Times

    MUSCATINE, Iowa — A fire department training exercise at the corner of 9th and Cypress streets July 2 had unexpected consequences for a house across the street.

    Muscatine Fire Chief Steve Dalbey confirmed Wednesday that excessive heat from a training fire melted and warped vinyl siding on a home located at 1004 E. 9th St., that, according to the city’s MAGIC-GIS Web site, is owned by Gary and Martha Boche.

    Damage was limited to the house’s front exterior. Other damage from the training fire included a burn hole in a lawn swing cushion and water damage to a coin changer at the Mid City Car Wash, 917 E. 9th St. The excessive heat also distorted taillights on a nearby fire truck. No one was injured in the training exercise.

    Firefighters were performing on-site training in putting out a house fire as well as practicing search and rescue procedures with an abandoned building slated for demolition to make way for the new Family Video store. Nearby streets were blocked off during the exercise.

    After firefighters set the building on fire that afternoon, Dalbey said part of an exterior wall fell into the street, releasing a large amount of radiant heat from the burning structure that melted the home’s siding.

    “We had firefighters all around the structure making sure that the fire didn’t burn out of control,” he said. “But sometimes you can’t predict how a building will burn or what part of it will collapse first.”

    Dalbey said that the department receives many offers to burn down abandoned houses and buildings for firefighter training. However, the department rejects most of the offers because many of the structures are too close to other homes and businesses.

    Any house burn inside an urban area has to be approved in advance by the Department of Natural Resources and notification given to residents around the area where the house burn is located, Dalbey said. “We understand that our presence in the area causes a disruption even with plenty of advance notice,” he said. “But I believe that the interests of the community at-large are better served as a result of the training we received.”

    The fire department received a homeowner’s insurance claim of $1,100 for replacement of the melted siding. The claim, as well as other repairs, have already been paid out of the department’s budget and apologies made to the affected property owners, he said.

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    As Forrest Gump said, " It happens "

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    DooDoo Happens everywhere. Here in Maryland, a Department once burned the wrong house. the one that was burned was vacant and in disrepair, same as the one that they were supposed to burn. It was also on the same street, 4 doors down from the right one. Nothing came of it, except a bit of embarrassment. And, a Northern Virginia Rescue Squad once cut up the wrong car at a demonstration held in a mall parking lot. Seems a car with no tags was parked there with a "For Sale" sign and the sign fell off the dash and no one noticed. And life goes on.............
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