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    Default Psychological test

    My husband just took a psychological test for a large dept that was 1500-1600 questions long! There were 5 different parts. Subjects of questions ranged from his sex life to finances to his childhood and more!

    He tried to be as honest as possible, knowing that tomorrow he has a chance to explain any red flags that would show up. He has a crystal clean record and has nothing to hide.

    I told him, thanks to Capt Bob, that when he goes for his psychological interview tomorrow to keep his answers short and sweet and don't offer anything that's not asked.

    Couple questions...1) Can they pull a credit report without his permission? There were like 80 questions on his finances (he doesn't have a clue about a lot of it, because I pay the bills)...
    2) If he has had no traffic violations, drug offenses, DUIs or anything else major, is it still possible to fail this interview tomorrow? A lot of the red flags that are going to show up tomorrow are because of other family members...does that matter?

    I don't know one firefighter that is a pure angel (been around the fire dept since birth--dad was a ff and husband too). Are they just looking for major flaws or can the minor ones fail you too.

    Sorry for all of the questions. It's frustrating to think that he is mentally capable of doing a fine job on the two depts he works for now but they will try to find something tomorrow that will disqualify him from this whole process!!

    Thanks for listening! Capt Bob...we need your help again!!!

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    Default 11th hour

    As I've said in a previous posting, call me.

    Captain Bob



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