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    Default Fees for Standbys

    We receive several requests for "standbys" for fire and/or EMS service (firework displays, bike races, boat races, fun runs, semi-pro football games, etc.). This usually involves lots of overtime pay out of our budget. The police department battles this by charging for off-duty officers to cover the events.

    My question is: How much does your agency charge for standbys for: firefighters? EMTs? Paramedics? Is there any additional charege and how much for having apparatus standby (Engine, Brush Truck, Ambulance, etc)?

    I agree that we have a duty and responsibility to our public. As a Department, we have always and always will do everything we can to support our community. We just want to make sure that providing this standby coverage dosen't take away from our primary responsibilities.

    Thanks for the help!
    Capt. K

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    We call them details.

    There are different types of details:
    EMS (for sporting events)

    Blasting (watching people blow up rocks)

    Public safety (usually for large gatherings of people, such as corporate functions, dance reecitals, etc.)

    Firewatch (when a fire alarm/suppression system of one of our target hazards such as a hotel, nursing home, hospital et al. goes out of service for repairs)

    Hazmat (transfer of dangerous chemicals and gasses such as hydrogen, picric acids, etc.)

    Our detail rate is $40 an hour per person with a four hour minimum. It is paid by the person or company requesting the detail and does not come out of the Department's overtime or salary accounts. The City adds 10% to the total cost to cover the administration fees.

    If a detail requires 3 or more personnel, one of the positions must be filled by an officer. The officer gets an $45 an hour with the same 4 hour minimum.

    There is a charge per hour with a four hour minimum for any apparatus requested. I do not know what this charge is offhand, as that is billed separately from personnel costs.

    All ranks with the exception of the Chief of Department are eligible to accept a detail.

    All deatil personnel are equipped with a portable radio for instant communications with Fire Alarm and the Police.

    An example: A hotel recently had its fire alarm system go down after a lightning strike. They hired a firewatch detail of three people (an officer and two firefighters) for the hours of 9:00PM to 6:00 AM until their alarm system was back on line. The detail cost the hotel's parent company $1125 a night for the firewatch detail. The firewatch went 6 days for a total of $7425 including the adminsitrative costs. Don't worry, the parent company of the hotel has very deep pockets, as they own hotels, concession stands at sporting venues, provide food services for many of the major airlines and sells fire/police/ems equipment!
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