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    Talking Another darwin Candidate

    Stupid is as stupid does!!!

    GREENWOOD, Ind. -- Two boys accused of participating in a fire stunt that left their friend badly burned were placed on home detention Tuesday, pending a court hearing in August.

    Officials said Thomas Jefferson, 15, of Johnson County, allowed one of the suspects to douse his shirt with gasoline July 5 in a Greenwood-area neighborhood. The other suspect then lit the shirt, officials said.

    "They thought it would be cool for him to run down the road with his clothes on fire," said the White River Fire Department's Eric Brown. "The victim agreed that he wanted to do it."

    Jefferson suffered burns to almost half his body and was in a coma Tuesday, RTV6's Ben Morriston reported.

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    Only if the victim dies , does he qualify for a darwin award. Honorable mention I think if he lives but can no olonger reproduce.

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    We had a similar situation take place in our responce area, you feel bad that these kids were born without common sense but you want to slap the crap outta them and their parents for the stupidity of the whole situation.

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