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    Default Toledo/Lucas County "UNIGOV"

    When Toledo's Mayor first started talking about this idea, one of the things he mentioned was the numerous fire departments within Lucas County and how a combined city/county department would be, in his view, more efficient and eliminate duplication. What's everyone's take on this idea from a fire service viewpoint? Would it be a good thing or bad for this area?

    If a merger of all FDs in the county ever happened, I would bet the WTFD station would not survive since TFRD 24 is so close. I would figure the Holland and possibly the Ottawa Hills stations would also be closed. Some of the smaller FDs in the more rural areas in the south and west part of the county would probably survive, most likely as combination carrer/volunteer stations.

    Aside from the (selfish I'll admit) fact that I would have to look for a new house in a different county if Toledo's age restrictions were kept for a city/county department, I could see a great benefit for the citizens in the form of improved response times in some areas because of a paid crew(s) in the stations and more personnel and apparatus at structure fires. Also training and dispatching would undoubtedly be improved. I could also see some problems, especially in the combination stations (seems like there always are in other areas of the country).

    Personally I hope it doesn't happen. I think my department does a good job for our small community (and I hate moving ) but I think the idea is definitely interesting when looked at objectively.

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    Forgive me, Moe.......... I just now saw this while I was looking for another thread. Don't know how I missed it.

    As for the UNIGOV crap, I don't think it will ever fly. There are too many hard heads in the gov't to want to "give up" anything. Many people will lose a lot of the "power" they have/think they have.

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    I can see this working, it would save the tax payers a ton of money in duplicate services. I agree that if it did ever happen, the WTFD station would probably be closed, station 24 could easily handle our small run volume and small district very easily and most likely improve response times. Station 24 and WTFD are about a mile apart. Station 19 could easily handle Alexis Place and the Raintree suites sub-division.

    But in reality, Fireresq77 hit the nail right on the head, nobody wants to give up the power in the comminities thay are in and running right now, that would be the big down fall and fight, and the bigger fight would be who would be in charge of this county wide FD?
    Remember...Ego's are strong in this buisness were in.

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