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    My department is going to be doing an Operation It's Your Choice next month at our local high school. What this is, is simular to an operation prom, except it has nothing to do with prom and is going to take place the first week of the school year. We contacted a local video production company and have been working with them. The video is going to start with video that was shot by the school last year showing the students through out the school year having fun. Then it will show several students having fun with one of them drinking beer. They will then get into two different cars with one of the cars going to pick up a couple other friends. They are planning on meeting near the school after they get their friends. That is where the wreck will happen. Next the students will see the Fire, EMS, the helicopter and police getting the call for the wreck and responding. they will then be taken outside for the live wreck where two will be dead, one taken to jail. The coroner will transport one and the funeral home will take one in the hurse. The helicopter will land and transport one with two ambulances tansporting the rest. The students will then be taken back inside to see video from inside the helicopter and the ambulance, then the ER scene. they will then see the one being taken to jail, and that process including the court room. then the project will end with the "funeral", wheeling in of the casket. What I am looking for at this time is if anyone knows of any awards that we could submit this program to to honor the video company that is doing all this work for us? Any help would be great, I know with what I have seen them do already this is going to be an awesome program and hopefully will make the students think before they drink and drive or ride with someone that has been drinking. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks Lil yogi

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    With the way that everyone is sue happy. You might want to be careful about 1. representing particular students and 2. making the scene look too real.

    I understand how more realism is better for the "shock value" however all it takes is some student to mention how upset they were and mom and dad sue, the school, the department, naming each person involved.. more hassle than you might want. And gosh forbid if the kids were traumatized because they thought it was a friend of theirs (or their friend's car (that was dontated to be wrecked)).

    I got to see one "demo" done. The statistic used was every 5 min, 1 person in the US is killed by a drunk driver or something like that (I dont remember the time, this was 15 years ago). However every unit if time 5 or 10 min, a firefighter dressed in a black cowled robe and carrying a plastic scythe would randomly walk into a class, randomly pick a student and that student would collect all their belongings and go with "death" and were placed in a "study hall" in library for the rest of the day. They would also do an annoucment, due to a drunk driver, we have lost a student from "Ms. Smith's class". at the end of the day, last hour of class, there was a rally, where a few people talked about losing friends to drunk drivers, or relatives, a police officer talking about legal issues and then the "dead" are paraded back in with the rest of the class. so people could see how many were "killed" during a single day of school.

    Worked very well EXCEPT... 1 girl absolutely freaked when she was pointed to.. she went ape ****. crying the rest of the day, went home and complained to parents, who complained to principle who called FD about it. No legal came of it, but it was a button this student did not realize she had I guess. And we thought this was actually pretty benign as far as a SADD / MADD / Drunk driving awareness day went.


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    The video is good the way it is. The only thing concerning liability is would be to make up a contract between fd and school and then do like a permission slip type thing.
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