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    Unhappy what do you think?

    I was called by a local paid dept. to start the hiring process. When I went in for an interview and the start of the background check they pulled my application and asked me questions off of that They had a part in it about drug use date, time ,what used I answered them on the app but didnt elaborate. but I told them everything I was a young dumb kid with no thought of the future then I told them I didnt elaborate on the app because I didnt feel it was appropriate. Then I went in for the lie detector I was ASKED IF iHAD done drugs other than pot in the last 3 yrs. i said no I was told the readings showed deceptive psychological behavior but I didnt lie about it its been almost 10 yrs. that day I was sent a letter saying I was no longer considered for employment I was told I also failed the background but Ive never been arrested for anything. Ihad also found out that the fire/police commissioner was out of town the day I was sent the letter about the considering for employment what do you think I did wrong Ive made some mistakes in my past but have been a ff for 8 yrs. [volunteer] have ff2 hazmat ops tech rescue awar, emt-i assoc. in firescience do I need more education should I keep trying? what do I need to do this is all Ive ever wanted to do? what do you guys think

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    Learn how to write better reports.
    Psychiatrists state 1 in 4 people has a mental illness.
    Look at three of your friends, if they are ok, your it.

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    Default Time to get real-

    Getting hired is like a job within it self. Fire Captain Bob
    has addressed issues like this and several other simular one.

    From his website-

    Creating Trails
    I can't believe what many candidates reveal! Candidates often call me after going to an oral board, doing background checks or psychological interviews. They are concerned by some information have given. Often it is related to something from their past.

    My first question is who besides you knows this? Who could they contact that could tell them this information? The usual answer is no one. This is my point.

    Why do so many candidates create a trail that could open a can of worms keeping them from getting the job of their dreams? Especially if the department is not giving a polygraph test. Many feel they have to be honest to a fault to get this job. Candidates tell me, "They were hammering so hard I felt I had to give them something." Please spare me this part. Think twice before creating a trail that probably no one can find. Especially if it doesn't make any difference.


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