I was finally called by a career dept. to start the hiring process I went in to the start of the background investigation interview they asked me ?'s off my app When they got to the drugs ? I had answered yes on the app but didnt elaborate I told them what when where to the best of my knowledge but told them I DIDNT FEEL IT WAS APPROPRIATE ON AN APP and I didnt tell them everything wrong Ive ever done half an hr after that I went in for the lie detecter test I was told I had deceptive psychological activity to the ? have I DONE DRUGS OTHER THAN POT IN THE LAST3YRS iSAID NO BASICALLY THEY SAID i LIED BUT i REALLY didnt its been 7-9yrs ago i was a young dumb kid and i had no thoughts of how it would hurt me later that day they sent me a letter saying i was no longer considered for the job what did i do wrong? to nervous on lie detecter? not tell them every thing in interview? they said i failed the background but I,ve never been arrested for anything I wasnt going to lie to them but when i was asked ?,s off the app thats what i did the lie detecter i told all and was still told i was lying and the fire/police commissioner who stamp signed the letter was out of town and didnt know they ran me thru the process yet what should i do for next year? any advice?