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    Default Vol EMS scheduling

    Can anyone out there help me with a template for setting up a schedule for a Vol EMS service. we have upto 4 people per shift (usually 12 hr). the form we currently use just doesn't allow for 8 people and time to be put in. thanx in advance,

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    8 people total on the service? How many trucks are you looking to staff? Is this night only, or 24 hours a day?
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    We just use an Excel spreadsheet, one page per day. Weekends have more than one variation (Brodeur's Sunday, Berthiaume's Sunday, etc) to reflect changes weekend-to-weekend. Weekdays are static.

    Four columns are Driver-Tech-Tech-Fourth

    Rows are 0 - 23 reflecting the hour you're on.

    Printed up and posted about once a month, usually for the next four weeks. People scratch themselves off, fill themselves in, we highlight when calls come in, write down variations on the scheduled crew (yes, we keep the formal written incident reports, too). Chief and/or our part-time paid clerk takes them down daily and uses the sheets to record who gets what "points" for ambulance time -- don't make a call during a scheduled time, you don't get credit for that shift, make a call when you're not on duty you get four-hours of scheduled-time credit.

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    We too use an excell spreadsheet to do our monthly schedule. With it you can set up any time frame you want (ie-a 6a-8a shift to cover times where people are coming off 3rd shift ect.). Additionally it would be helpful to have a bit more background to be able to help you out...8 people total or per shift...the hours of the shifts (days/nights)...how many calls...how many squads. Feel free to call me or email me for further...we recently went through a shift rotation revision and so far so good. I'd also be happy to supply you with a blank template if you'd like--why re-invent it? Good luck

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    Default Schedule Template

    I seen serveral post on this subject
    If anyone is interested we have a schedule we use for 24/48 schedule with a total of 30 employees. It uses name validation with name check which once the name is used on the schedule it will be removed. Hope this can help.


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    We use a simple excel spreadsheet that allows for 2 shifts monday-friday (6pm-12am and 12am-6am) and on weekends 4 shifts (6am-12pm, 12pm-6pm, 6pm-12am, 12am-6am).

    Each shift has 3 places for people to signup. CC, Member, Probationary

    We always have a crew in quarters.
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