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    Default Hi I'm new!! I need guidance!

    Hello everyone! I am brand new to EMS I have been a certified EMTB for a whopping month now (actually not quite even.. hehe) I am still searching for a service to call home so if anyone knows any information for Indianapolis IN or anywhere in IN (I would so move!!) please let me know! I could use all the help I can get because I am so excited to get my new career started! I have been accepted into a medic program that doesnt start until august of 2005, but thats ok. I am also looking to get Firefighter certified as well (If your gonna go, go all out...) If any one has any advice at all please let me know!! thanks!

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    Congratulations on the first step! If you have a volunteer fire department in your area, that might be your best bet for gaining experience in both fields AND see if the fire thing is for you (you might know this already, or you could decide you don't like confined spaces or whatever else). In the meantime, you'd be gaining experience in the next year as you prepare for paramedic.

    On the other hand, volunteering doesn't cover the bills. Who to work for? Hmmm.... well it might not be a long-term choice for you (it is for some), but you can certainly look into private services like AMR or Rural/Metro (Not sure who else is in your area). They will still hire Basics to often run with Intermediates or Paramedics. A service out here in NH now has a BLS ambulance transfer portion of their fleet & crew. I guess it works out pretty well, as it keeps ALS trucks in town for emergent transfers or 911. Good luck in your quest, and be sure to keep us posted!
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