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    Hey! I took my FF one this past winter! I past the written but could not take the practical b/c my mom was really sick. Well now I have to go to a huge city dept and I am dead scared! First is it standard at what they test you on? Some of our guys here were not too picky about stuff, is it different other places. WE ere taught some things out of the book, hoisting tools etc! Now I feel like I need to learn what is in the book just to cover my Azz and say, its in the book that way! The dept has a awsome training ground and it has a burn room, will we have to go into that? I am a small female about 125lbs and not even 5ft I am afraid b/c of my size they wont pass me! I had some lead way here but now I am just freaked out! Any advice???

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    not to be mean, but if you cant pass the standards, you cant be a firefighter. Believe me (I am a female, I can relate), you dont want the job if you worry you cant pass the standards somewhere else. I have been told on more than one occassion I have my job because of my gender. Everytime, I can look at that person and say "No, its becasue I can do the job, have the education, and can pass any test you ask me to." Without knowing that, I would start to believe that; and that is not something anyone ever wants to think.
    I would learn the stations the way they are taught in the Essentials book. I know when I went through the MI FF1 and II class, we were given a copy of the stations that we would have to complete as well as the criteria for each station. See if you can get a copy of this from someone in your dept. that proctors the exams. Than review it until it becomes second nature. Where you nail every check off on that sheet. That way when it comes to it if you forget 5% of the info due to nerves, you will still pass. I do not know of any practical that requires a live burn chamber. Sounds like you dont want to go into the burn chamber. Why not?? you should itch to do that sort of training.
    Honestly, if I came off a bit harsh, I am sorry. However, I am not a fan of special treatment for anyone. If you want the job you can do it, but dont EVER use your gender, size, height as an excuse to not to the job as well as anyone else on your dept. I have had to learn special tricks (standing on top of the tires to close compartment doors) to perform the job, but it gets done and that is what matters. Good luck.

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    Plain and simple, you need to learn the practical stuff as it's printed in the IFSTA book. That's what they'll be looking for you to do on the test. It's hard if you've been in the field for a while and you've aquired your own way of doing things. They don't care about your own way. You need to do the practical stuff step by step the way it is in the book.

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