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    Default hoselines and ladders

    what do you feel is the best way to tie a charged hoseline to a ladder not using hose tie-off tools, but rather using webbing? also, what do you feel is the best way to tie a ladder to a building?

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    To tie the hose to the ladder, use either a short piece of rope or webbing strap, clove hitch round the hose, then clove hitch to a rung abot two or three feet below the window. To tie off the ladder, if you place a short pike pole inside the window frame, then clove hitch around the pike pole and then another clove hitch around the rung nearest the window sill. If you dont have a pike pole handy, you can use a halligan, axe, etc. Another tip, if you cant remember how to tie a clove hitch, dont waste time trying to figure it out, use any knot that you can,but remember whatever knot you use, MUST be suitable for the task.

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    What I've found works well is a 5-6 foot section of prusik cord (6-7mm rope) with loops tied in each end. Just wrap it around the hose a couple of times (tuck the ends under the middle of the rope when wrapping) adjusting the length by the number of wraps then loop the ends onto a carabiner and clip it to a ladder rung, stairway railing etc. It's quicker and easier to fasten or remove than tying a knot and holds well when the hose is "hanging" from it but can also be easily adjusted by taking up the weight and sliding it up or down the hose. The prusik cord and carabiner also work nicely for holding a door handle during forcible entry to control the door.

    In case my description doesn't make sense here are some crude "drawings"


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    Default Me...

    I love 6-9 webbing. I use it for everything. From hose,
    ladders, tieing off objects to pulling off a door.

    Here is a picture of my personal webbing. I have used
    it for a few years now. Including the caribeaner.


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    We use a hose becket, which is basically a hook to place over the rounds of the ladder and a length of webbing to loop round the hose. Its very quick to use and does'nt obstruct any parts of the ladder and can be unhooked very quickly if needed.
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