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    Thumbs up Credentialing "Blue Card"

    Does anyone know what is being done to help credential first responders so as to ensure that they are qualified to be swiftly intergrated into any disaster?

    There is attempt to do something similar to what is in place for those that serve on USAR - Urban Search & Rescue Teams who are issued a "Red Card".

    I would like to see that everyone gets credit for meeting ODP training requirements for each of the three levels - Awareness, Performance, and Planning/Management.

    I also would like to see experience & participation at disaster exercises be documented and issuance of task book for target positions. US Forest Service in Colorado uses Oracle database and has a way of magnetically storing info onto a credit card's mag strip which is individually issued to emergency responders.

    The ultimate goal would be for those qualified to be properly treated when they arrive to a disaster and not be accused of freelancing. When I read the FEMA report on Responding to Incidents of National Consequence, it read like a brushed off to those who "self-dispatched" to the disaster sites. There must be a way to verify and list ProBoard and/or IFSAC qualifications so as to help build trust among with Multi-Agencies and Out-of-State resources.

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    While I can see value in having a standardized certification process for responders (a la ProBoard Quals), the issues related to those who choose to self-dispatch are myriad. Accountability and insurance issues come to mind immediately. Over-eager "do-gooders" who simply show up on the scene are a nightmare. I want TEAMS who have been requested and will arrive with an expected equipment cache, their own command structure to interface with, and the ability to work as a team.

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