What does this mean? Let me explain. The Code Of Alabama in short says that any permanent employee of an organization which performs fire suppression activities must be certified as Firefighter I/II. In another part, it in short says that a volunteer firefighter is one who is not compensated more than the expense they incurred. So my question is how does this paid-on-call system work? What does permanent employment status mean in your respective state, etc...? To me if you are paid on call for a fire related call then you are a paid employee of that said organization, now granted you may not be a permanent employee but the way I understand it, even to be employed part-time within the state of Alabama you have to meet FF I/II certification and to me paid-on-call is the same as part-time. Can someone please clarify this for me or help me out some. I have searched and searched the Alabama Code for the term "permanent employment" and I can not find anything. Thanks in advance.