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    Default Pierce Tower ladder

    Has anyone had problems with the overload sensor on their ladder being too sensitive.
    We have a great looking truck it is too bad that over the last year we could only run it about 40 days. I guess that is one way of keeping it looking new.

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    There's a Pierce here in Vermont that was 1 of 5 built before the company that made the specific aerial platforms went out of business. They have issues with the sensors all the time... Oh well. You win some, you lose some.

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    We have a Pierce 105' Ladder with no problems on the overload sensor.

    Is your Tower Ladder a mid mount or rear mount ?
    If it is their mid mount, I would like to know what other problems you have encountered with it. We are getting a new mid mount tower in the near future and the boss seems to be dead set on a Pierce.
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    ADSNWFLD is your unit now at Pierce, left there with no intent of getting it back?

    If not, there's another department near Chicago there that has (had) a new Pierce tower with a total of 45 days in service time over the last year. Can't exactly recall the department name, but our mechanic that comes out to repair our trucks gave quite the story...and he's the one that spec'd the unit and has worked with Pierce to try and get the issue resolved. This department is his real job, he moonlights doing repairs elsewhere. Maybe he's one of your guys..

    Just goes to show - I don't care who builds it, there's always one that just won't go like it should.

    BTW - I like Pierce a lot. I'd take one.

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