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    Default Help on truck

    Our department is throwing up the idea about getting a new truck spec'd out for next year. We are wanting a pumper/tanker combo. If anyone has any ideas or a good vendor on these I would greatly appreciate knowing them.


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    Default Hi...

    Bro- I dont know if this helps, but I really like this place
    and their products-

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    Use a consultant. We just used Bill Peters from Jersey City to help spec. our tower, it made life a lot easier. If other people work like he did, it is a walk thru from start to finish. Nothing was skipped over, straight out from ideas of what we would like to have and would be functional in our area all the way to the final inspections, where it realy helped to have someone who does this for a living pick up on the little things we might not have noticed. If you don't want to pay though, Fire Engineering has a series of articles on app. spec., you might want to look thru their archives and get some ideas.

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    It all depends on exactly what you are looking for.
    Is there a specific price range you have in mind? Crew cab? Custom? Size of tank? Pump size?
    There should be area representatives of almost any truck manufacturer within your state. Maybe other Departments in your area can assist you with contact numbers for them. Any of the representatives should be willing to help you spec your truck. Contact as many reps as you would like, talk to them, and eliminate the ones who do not meet your specific needs, then deal with the the ones that are left.
    Make sure that all specs for the truck meet the state and federal regulations and that it is what your Department wants and/or needs.
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