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    This was in the Connecticut Post News paper 8/3/2004

    Talk to NYFD ABOUT Felons

    The New York City Fire Department is recognized as the best fire department in the world and it has felon Firefighters. Perhaps the Connecticut Post could ask the NYFD Chief how many felons are doing deskwork in the New York Police Department. The comments by the spokespersons for the New York City Fire Department and Former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani would also apply to applicants Earl King Jr. Right here in Bridgeport.

    Ronald Mackey
    Firebird Society of Bridgeport, IBFF

    The Firebird Society is a group of minority Bridgeport Firefighters

    .Ron Mackey and Firebirds you have no right bashing FDNY.

    .Your fat *** wishes you could be New City York Firefighter.

    .You was never a good firefighter and you are not even on job now.
    .You were asking to leave please grow up guy.

    There is a big different between Earl King JR who is a Felon and FDNY firefighters please OPEN YOUR EYES. I will go slowly for you so you will understand it.

    Earl King Jr was member of Russell and Adrain Peeler gang who killed Leroy B.J. Brown and his mother Karen Clark. These kind felons or any felon should not be on the job in any Fire Dept in the world.

    .FDNY our American hero’s that save people and gave up there live on 9/11.

    Is this what IABFF and Firebird Society of Bridgeport, IBFF are all about? Bashing FDNY because your friend a felon can’t get hired?

    Ron Mackey and Donald Day are just embarrassing IBFF and Firebird Society of Bridgeport and its membership. Hey IBFF and Firebird Society of Bridgeport I think time to let Ron Mackey and Donald Day go?

    Hey FDNY FIREFIGHTER PLEASE LET IBAFF, Firebird Society of Bridgeport, Ron Mackey and Donald Day YOUR OPIONION ABOUT Firebirds Society of Bridgeport BASHING YOUR Fire Dept. Here are there Emails IBAFF President Johnny Brewington JBREWIN417 @ Aol.com, Ronald Mackey – RonMackey1@aol.com ,Donald Day –Donday1951@aol.com or GyaNyamey@aol.com
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    Huh??? Is it just me or am I missing something here?

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    ladycapn, Bridgeport is having some issue and they feel the need to let us all know. somehow I doubt this oft posting is going to help. Instead it makes BPT look stupid.

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    Lightbulb I don't see anything wrong with it.

    BFD obviously has some very big problems that are being handled in a questionable manner, I can understand why the members would want the word put out on this. Maybe someone is going through something similar and may have advice, IMHO there's absolutely nothing "stupid" about that.

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    Originally posted by roadkill
    Instead it makes BPT look stupid.

    Uh, no - that makes the fools at the top look stupid, not the men and women that actually put the fires out.

    This message board is a medium for sharing information about happenings in the fire service. These posts are absolutely relevant to this board.

    The big picture to think about here is the quality of the fire service. We need to preserve (and in some cases, restore) the good guy image. I don't see how hiring a murderer in this case will help the fire service's future. I'd imagine that anyone from CT that knows of this particular case will agree with me.

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    I would respectfully disagree. While I agree there is a big difference between posting junk here and the good knock BFD had last night at the job on Hallett (I think thats how the name is spelled). I do not agree with conducting internal dept. business in the media or open air like this. How would you like every dept. issue in your dept. posted on here? especially one where certain members of a group (black firefighers get to have their own group, but a group for white FF's would be called racist...) within the dept. are openly bashing another dept! Further there is no need to open the fight here by retaliating by bashing them.

    don;t get me wrong, I don't want to see this guy who was part of one of the worst drug gangs in bpt get on the job there anymore than the next FF. But the maturity, or lack there of, in the way people are going about both sides of the case is appalling for an old, tradition filled, honorable dept. like bridgeport
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    Default Man murders 8 year old wants to be FF

    For the people lucky enough to live outside the "constitution state", I will give you some background on the incident.(cliffs notes)
    B.J., an EIGHT year old boy was going to testify on gang members. The gang members invade his home and kill the boy and his mother.

    Seems to me, ANYONE involved in killing children should not be placed in a position of protecting them.


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