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    Anyone putting together an exciting program this year for fire prevention. If you don't mind share what you are doing this year different if anything. We are fishing for new ideas with our clown and characterization program.

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    We're having our first meeting next week. After all these years, we've got it together. It's getting the people to come down that's always the challenge!! We try not to have our Open House Columbus Day weekend, which has been working out better and I advertise the heck out of it in the trade publications, cable network, and the village's website.

    We have different "stations" set up -- each company does their own thing, plus the technical rescue and heavy rescue teams due their own demo's. The fire apparatus is in the parking lot for the kids to look at. Some members climb the ladder and that's always a hit. We have vehicle extrication demo's that show the public what to expect -- i.e. the loud tools and being covered with a blanket (we use a firefighter or "dummy" as the victim). We have a kitchen fire demo that includes fire extinguishers and what to use on what types of fires. We usually have a pan on the stove and a pan in the oven, sometimes we include dryer fires in this segment if we can find a dryer on the side of the road! The neighboring fire dept. brings their Fire Prevention trailer down with some members and does some routines. There's a school teacher and principal (he's a member) that hold a "stop, drop, and roll" interactive lesson. Our Juniors dress up in turn-out gear. We have a display of CO and smoke detectors. We also have snacks (free hot dogs, drinks, and homemade goodies) and give-a-ways (you can get pamphlets for free from USFA-FEMA, but order ASAP if it's not already too late). Hope this helps!!
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