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    Default "The Fire Apparatus Purchasing Handbook"

    Since there have been so many questions in the last few days about spec'ing, why do I need this vs. that, questions about commercial vs. custom, I thought I would throw this out-

    ANYONE who has anything to do with either spec'ing a new rig, or modifying or refurbishing an old one, should immediately RUN, not walk, to the nearest bookstore or website that sells Fire Engineering Books, and purchase the book "The Fire Apparatus Purchasing Handbook", by William C. Peters.

    It is a bit expensive, but the information contained within is PRICELESS. Mr. Peters explains, from beginning to end, each and every step, consideration, option, feature, method, terminology, expectation, and conclusion to buying a new rig, or considering an older one for refurbishment.

    No, I am not a salesperson for Fire Engineering books, nor am I connected in any way with Mr. Peters, I just wanted to let everyone know that his book was, and still is extremely valuable.

    BUY IT!
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    Already ordered it before I saw this thread! If anyone is interested... The Fire Apparatus Purchasing Handbook
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