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    Question Whelen Ambulance Scene lights

    My vollie ambulance service has a rather small problem with lighting. While we dont run a "high" number of calls it seems like our lights are burning out rather quickly. We dont have any electrical problems as it's been checked. The biggest problem is that I can't find replacement bulbs. I'm needing to know where exactly I can order replacements.

    The scene lights are made by whelen but I can't find anywhere to get them. I dont have the bulb number in front of me but it's a model that has a small 2 inch pigtail attached.

    Also I have a problem of a lightbar light burnt. Does anyone know where I can order them? I've tried the whelen website but no dice there.

    Jeremy Culver
    IACOJ Bureau of EMS

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    Can this wait till Monday? I can give Whelen a call since they are only in NH, and I'm across the river in VT.

    If you can provide me with the model of the lightbar, or any other info I can try to get the place to order bulbs, costs, etc.

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    Are you sure they aren't Weldon scene lights? I know that is another common brand..........

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    Try online AW Direct.com,they carry a lot of whelen parts at reasonable prices.T.C.

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    Code, e-mail me with the model on the scenelight lens. I have complete parts breakdowns for just about everything made by Whelen and maintain everything in our depatment. I used to work for Whelen so I can probably tell you what you need to know.

    Also, give me the details of this bar and I'll tell you what you need for that.
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