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    I'm just curious as to what some of you are doing to maintain team proficiency. Do you test members on a regular basis, are drills enough, do you go through regular validation sessions?

    Our regional team has monthly drills and we hold two validations/tests every year.
    We are considering some changes and I wanted to see what everyone else is doing. Thank you in advance.

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    Team - annual recertification. Independent evaluators critique scenario-based problems (team has no advance knowledge of scenario specifics). Random complicating factors thrown in for good measure and to evaluate problem solving/improvisation skills.

    Members - annual skills check-off. This includes a physical fitness eval. Drills often help to highlight areas that folks may need to work on ahead of any evaluations.

    Scenario-based drills often follow skill-based trainings to take skills out of isolation and into scenarios requiring members to exercise a broader set of skills.

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