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Thread: Amish FF's

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    Well right here....Duh!!

    Default One thing is for sure, they do love their fellow man

    The Amish and Menonite "people" are both some of the kindest and helpful groups that you will ever find. A few years ago my girlfriends family was unfortunate enough to have a large structure fire in their home. Within 30 minutes of the FD responding both groups had already brought food and coffe for her family and the firefighters on scene. They remained at the scene till after all FFs cleared and all of them offered up their own homes for my girlfriends family to stay in. Within 3 days many of them stopped back by bringing newly made quilts, blankets and even clothes for her family. These acts of kindness are a few of the most heartfelt that I've ever heard of.

    No matter what any would ever say about these two groups of people I do believe that they are the most kind hearted in the world.

    Jeremy Culver
    IACOJ Bureau of EMS

    These views are my own and do not represent the views or opinions of anyambulance service that I am affiliated with.

    Help our fellow firefighters.
    "Firefighters Helping Firefighters"

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    When I visited Lancaster County (PA), we went on a guided tour of Amish country given by an Amish woman who had been "excommunicated" so to speak (she beleived in technology...still very well liked though..she was a teacher in the local Amish school so she knew EVERYBODY)...my buddy & I (both vollies) inquired if the Amish could be vollies & she said yes that many are, that most of the local FC's had Amish members (some were primarily Amish) and that they were able to do the same job, about the only stipulation was they couldn't drive (although some do depending on how "orthodox" they are).

    With the guys in the picture, my guess is they were civilians who lent a hand...as was explained to us, the Amish live in a true community where EVERYONE helps EVERYONE else. Just like someone else posted, that barn was probably rebuilt in a short period of time because the entire community comes together and supports those in need. Plus the fact that that barn holds the "lifeblood" of their existence for both food & business, I'm sure these guys were quick to help to save that was their fellow community member's property & livelyhood.

    I think it's a great concept of the community coming together..unfortunately in our daily world of worry about yourself first, that concept only surfaces when there is a massive tragedy
    (i.e. 9/11). I applaud these guys serve their communities while putting aside their strong beliefs regarding technology...guess you won't see an Amish FF carrying the thermal imager, eh?

    That's my 2 cents..Stay Safe...

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    I'll have to get some pictures for ya to see...There are several volunteer fire companies here in Centre County (Pa.) with "Hitching Posts" next to the station.
    The work ethics of the Amish are unequaled! You haven't seen anything until you've seen a barn raising!

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