This is somewhat like a dedication to a neighbor volunteer dept. The dept. is Dorcas Fire Dist. and the problem is the people who have totally tried to bring that station to its knees. For three months now, somebody or some people have broken into the fire stations, stolen the POV's of firefighters on scene with the engine, and stolen many valuable pieces of gear. Also, on the news page today, Dorcas' station #1 burnt down leaving them with just one single engine with no extrication equipment or brush truck. That is being investigated but suspicious activity is not indicated as of now. Maybe its time that volunteer organizations in rural areas lock down and work to find a solution to the excessive crimes being targeted at this fire station. I wonder why someone would want to torture the same people that will try their hardest to save your life in any situation. It is immature and petty and I hope that one day the person or persons in charge of these atrocities is brought to justice. That person is not just hurting an organization, that person is hurting the safety and lives of many more people as well. If anyone has any ideas as to how to attempt to prevent the break ins and thefts with a very little budget, then please share them. I will be glad to talk directly with their chief and hopefully stop these immoral crimes.