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    Default What's a girl to wear?

    What should a female wear to oral interview? Pants suit? Skirt and jacket? Dress? Toga (kidding on that).

    I have interview next week and I haven't the first clue what to wear.


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    Default No Pants Suits!!!!!!


    His tis:

    Women: Do wear a tailored business-like suit or dress with a jacket, not overly feminine. Choose suits in conservative solid colors such as gray, navy blue, black, beige, or camel with conservative hemlines. Natural fibers such as wool are your best bets.

    Always wear stockings in natural shades even if itís 110 degrees. Avoid dark colors with light colored shoes. Always carry a spare pair.

    Don't: Wear anything flamboyant, trendy, faddish, low-cut, too tight or short, or otherwise provocative. You are not trying to make a fashion statement, but trying to get a badge! No heavy perfume, ankle bracelet, stockings with patterns, lace, bold colors, or seams; sandals, very high heels, unusual colors, or casual styles.

    Ladies: hair up; no bangs falling into your eyes or face. Don't ever wear slacks, even pantsuits.

    From Anita: You say women should wear a business suit, but not a pantsuit to their oral interviews. What's the difference? During some coaching for interviews with a very 'oral board successful' captain friend of mine, I was told to never wear a dress to an interview because it makes women appear too feminine. So, I have always worn a black pantsuit to my interviews and people have always said that I have looked very professional. Is it hurting me? Thanks for your help! Anita

    Reply: Itís your choice, but I believe itís hurting you. You want to use everything to your advantage. When a women walks into an oral board wearing smart business looking attire, it changes the dimension of the interview trust me.

    Yes, the panel members are supposed to be professional. Yeah, they're still men too. They can and will be distracted by what women look like, wear and how they interact.

    If you don't think how you wear your hair, attire and accessories can be a distraction you are wrong. Being wrong could cost you the points you could have had going in prepared.

    I was on a panel one day and a female candidate came in with long hair, a shorter skirt and a necklace that distracted us. Her long hair had been a little wind blown as she walked into the building.

    We kept focusing on that pendant on her necklace. It looked like a naked women. It turned out to be a weight lifting woman flexing her muscles.

    Like it or not, the suggest formula says: Ladies: hair up, no bangs falling into your eyes or face.

    I had a female candidate contact me prior to an oral interview for the City of Oakland. This paramedic had been trying for 5 years to get on the fire department. She just missed the cut at Contra Costa County. She was tired of testing.

    I asked her what she was going to wear. She said she always wore a pants suit. I convinced her it was time to step up and make the investment. She showed up for coaching in a tailored (killer) wool suit.

    I showed her in 10 minutes on the video the mistakes she was making in her presentations.

    She called me two weeks later on her birthday, that she had received her notice that she nailed that job in Oakland. She has the job of her dreams.

    "Nothing counts 'til you have the badge . . . Nothing!"

    Fire "Captain Bob"

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