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    Default Non-FDNY Volunteer Fire departments in NYC

    I thought I read somewhere that there are still 10 volunteer fire departments within New York city. I've listed their names below, but havn't been able to find any other information. questions I had include are they dispatched via 911, do they respond instead of, along with, or only as a suplement for FDNY? Are they still in existance? do they accept new members? what are their training requirements? what is their call volume like? any information would be greatly appreciated.

    Metropolitan Fire Association
    Staten Island, New York

    Aviation Hose 3
    Gildersleeve Ave., Bronx.

    Edgewater Park VFD
    Main St. & Adee Dr., Bronx

    Gerritsen Beach VFD
    52 Seba Ave., Brooklyn

    West Hamilton Beach VFD
    102-33 Davenport Ct., Queens

    Broad Channel VFD
    15 Noel Rd., Queens

    Roxbury VFD
    42 State Rd., Queens

    Rockaway Point VFD
    204-26 Rockaway Point Blvd., Queens

    Point Breeze VFD
    29 Point Breeze Ave, Queens.

    Oceanic H&L Co. 1
    4010 Victory Blvd, Staten Island.

    Richmond Engine Co. 1
    3664 Richmond Rd., Staten Island.
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    Check out this site (www.vfacny.org)..it's the official site of the volunteer firemen's association of NYC. This site has links to almost all the "vollie" companies within the city (FYI - some take a while to load as they use those free servers).

    As you may be aware, most of these companies (particularly those in Queens) cover the outlying beachfront areas and respond in conjunction with FDNY units that are automatically pre-assigned according to the box number.

    Hope this helps you out. Stay Safe...

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    Having family living in the gated community of Breezy Point, I've spent alot of time out there growing up. I've been to Rockaway Point VFD, Point Breeze VFD, and Roxbury VFD.

    Rockaway Point and Point Breeze are both within the gated community, Rockaway being on the main drag and Point Breeze about 1/2 mile away if that.

    Rockaway Point has an Engine, a couple 4x4 ambulances (both BLS I think), and something they call a truck which is more like a small mini pumper with a ladder rack.

    Less than a 1/2 mile away is Point Breeze VFD which has two Saulsbury engines.

    FDNY is on all the boxes within this gated community, which I believe is 329 Engine's first due box.
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    Hi my name is John im a member of Point Breeze volunteer fire department in queens nyc

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