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    Default University of Akron

    I visited The University of Akron yesterday and really liked it. Just wanted to hear what you guys thought. I am looking into Fire Protection and Emergency Management, anyone been through either of these programs and what did you think? Any information at all would be very helpful? I am only asking because the people on these forums have been very helpful in the past and I respect your opinions. Thank you for the help.

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    good engineering college
    good technical college
    about the fire program? Cant say

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    Default West Point of the Fire Service

    Forget Akron (as much as I hate to say that about my home state). Get a real education and have the opportunity to do anything and have an ABET accredited Bachelor's Degree to back it up. http://fpst.okstate.edu is where you wanna look.

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    To back up engine1321. OSU offers bachelor's degrees in fire protection as well as emergency managment. You can double major, which I recommend, or you can go on to a masters in EM as well.

    I will also back up engine1321 about Abet accreditation. There is no point in getting a fire protection degree that is not Abet accredited. Do not confuse fire protection with fire science. Big difference.

    Give OSU a serious look, first school ever in the fire service, world-wide reputation, top-notich campus and facilities, unbelievable networking. It was cheaper for me to go to OSU and pay out of state fees than it was to stay instate and go to school.

    There are some schools that brag about their programs but lack accrediation. Stay away from those. You don't need road blocks in the future.

    Stay safe,

    Steve MS BS CFPS

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