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    Default Thoughts on FRI 2004

    For those of you out there who attended Fire Rescue Int'l in New Orleans this past weekend. Which apparatus "innovations" impressed you the most? I'll have to say that Ferrara's new Strong Arm stuck out as the most unique item at the show for sure (for those who haven't seen it, go to www.strongarmfirefighting.com). Not sure how practical that beast would be in everyday life (at least from an economic standpoint). The piercing nozzle of a snozzle would seem to make more sense for use on your average taxpayer's house vs. the 1,100lb battering ram on the end of that thing. Everyone seems to be jumping on the airbag bandwagon as well. KME and Ferrara can now give you more than you can get on some BMW's! Anyway, that's just a couple of the things I noticed. What did everyone else think of the show?

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    Default StrongArm?

    Lets destroy the house instead of fighting fire. As an old Captain once told me... "sometimes you just gotta go in and put it out".

    Timeless advice.

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