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    Anyone have any comments on the E-ONE ERS (Enhanced Ride system) particularly on the Cyclone chassis. Any positive or negative experiences?

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    Not really sure about the Ers system, but if it's an option, I wouldn't bother. We currently have ten of the Cyclone 2 on pumper chassis and they ride and handle extremely well. The turning radius is better than others we tested and weight distribution seems perfect. Our distributor ( Sunbelt Fire ) worked closely with us to ensure we didn't do any bone-head firefighter stuff and kept everything on track. Compared to the Hush and Hurricane chassis, I much favor the Cyclone 2.

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    We have both a tower and a pumper on a cyclone (2001) and both ride pretty nice, especially when compaired to the 20 year old trucks they replaced. I looked up this option on E-one's site, looks interesting, especially the disk brakes, but I would not pay too extra more for it.
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