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    My Dept has just recieved a new 24' trailer to be used for Hazmat. Do any of you have any suggestions towards the layout of the trailer? What kind of storage, etc? The front 8' is an office the remaining 16'is what we have left to set up as we see fit. Thanks for any ideas/suggestions you might have.

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    Ours has shelves on both sides and open in the middle. We group equipment in the trailer, decon, mitigation, ppe. It works OK.
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    Large shelve on one side and a bench for donning gear on the other. We also have larger items that we use less often in the front, although in hind sight probably would switch that. Also above the donning station we have air-paks mounted, and storage under the bench. The shelves have open grate doors on them for inventory taking, but have zip ties to prevent tampering and opening during transit. Consider ladder racks up top, for longer items or fold up things, such as colapsable decon pools, poles for setting up tents. If possible work lighting all the way around, I say that about every piece of equipment. Your trailer sounds similar to the type of trailer we run, we have only used ours on a couple of incidents so far, so tweaking is expected. Good luck.

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    Default Set Up

    The set up of your trailer will greatly depend of the amount and type of equipment you have or will be obtaining in the future. One thing you should think about is equal distrubation of weight. If you are carring several SCBA's with extra bottle's this can add up the weight pretty quick. Also if you carry any of the Chlorine kits they are pretty heavy also. I would recomend that you place the more often used supplies (asrobant materal, SCBA's, etc in area's that are most accesable. You will be very supprised how fast your trailer will fill up. Give several different stroge configurations a try and go with the one that works best for your department.

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