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    Question Future Fire Fighter in El Paso, TX

    Please, If anyone from El Paso, TX reads this I need help! My son is 17 yrs old and is a Junior in High School this year. We are wanting to find out what steps he needs to take to become a Fire Fighter in El Paso, TX after graduation. What would be the closest Accademy? How long does the training last? Please email information to LadyJuly65@aol.com. God Bless and thanks for the work that you do.

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    The El Paso FD website has very good information about becoming a firefighter for their department. Their department appears to be very progressive. The downfall for living in El Paso is the *HIGH* heat in the summer time.

    Make sure your son gets a good education too. Don't rush the firefighting career.

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    I thought that there were many more drawbacks than that to living in El Paso the 5 years that I lived there.
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    The first thing you should do is encourage your son to visit a local fire station and ask them for their advice. I am certain they will be receptive, afterall that's what we do (help people).

    I would advise your son to take Spanish courses in high school as this will make him a more desireable candidate down the road. Next he should enroll in an EMT course and begin fire science courses.

    Lastly, it is important to remind him the importance of staying drug free, paying his bills on time, staying physically fit and being a good citizen.

    One more thing: Many fire departments have explorer posts. Check into seeing if the department has one.

    Best of luck. As a parent you should be happy your son has chosen such an awesome career.
    Paul Lepore
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