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Illinois State Police Say Firefighters Struck by Drunken Driver

Associated Press

NEW BERLIN, Ill. (AP) -- Six volunteer firefighters are injured -- one critically -- after an accident at a fire scene that police say involved a drunken driver.

The incident happened late yesterday after the volunteer firefighters from Loami helped to put out a fire about a mile west of New Berlin (about 15 miles southwest of Springfield). A vehicle swerved to avoid a parked fire truck and hit a van the fire crew was trying to jump start.

State police say Patrick Heinen of Alexander is charged with driving under the influence and failing to avoid an accident. He's also charged under Scott's Law, which increases penalties for drivers who injure emergency personnel.

One firefighter remains in critical condition this morning at St. John's Hospital in Springfield. The rest of the injuries weren't life-threatening.
Just another little reminder that we need to watch our butts out there and make sure we are protected AT ALL TIMES!!