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    Default Paging system question

    OK people: I'm looking for some troubleshooting ideas.
    Our FD has Motorola Wordline alpha pagers. We also have glitches. All the neighbouring FD's receive our pages. Half our Dept receives pages from a town ~30 miles away. Case in point I get those pages and Hubby doesn't and we can be sitting on the sofa together.
    Please help me troubleshoot ideas to our Chief who is trying to get the company to solve the problem. If we have an idea what to check and correct, maybe we can all get some sleep!

    Technical types front and centre, please!
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    sounds to me like your dept and the neighbouring depts have there pager towers on the same or very similar frequency. but that doesn't explain why one pager would recieve the page and one sitting right next to it doesn't. you also might want to check the programming of the pagers themselves, for example ours are vhf and they have a tone coded squelch if that is not programmed in our radios we get interference from another dept about 100miles away. what frequency range are your pagers i.e. 800 mhz, vhf, uhf??

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    Well, it isn't going to have anything to do with coded squelch. That isn't used in numeric and alpha paging. That is only a voice channel thing.

    Is this a commercial paging service like Verizon or Airtouch or something? If it is, it is their responsibility to fix this. They shouldn't need the customer to tell them what might be wrong. Politely remind them that you PAY THEM TO KNOW WHAT IS WRONG and if they don't fix it, you would be more than happy to pay someone else to provide the service. It sounds like there is a programming problem on the system that sends the pages. It is also possible that some of the individual pagers are programmed wrong.
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