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    I have been recently promoted to an officers position in my department. I am now in the position where I may be IC if there is not a higher ranking officer on the scene. I have been looking for a book to read to increase my knowledge of fireground tactics. I found Fire Officers Handbook of Tactics by John Norman and am thinking of purchasing it. My fire chief has bought it and says it is by far the best book he has ever bought. Does anyone else know of any other books out there that may be better or should I go ahead and buy it? Thanks in advance for any suggestions or comments.

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    Congrats on the promotion.

    Incident management for the Street Smart Fire Officer by John Coleman and published by Pennwell Publishing. Cost is about $50+ bucks.

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    Safety and Survival on the Fire Ground.
    Collapse of Burning Buildings.
    By Vincent Dunn, Fire Engineering books

    The Fire Chiefs Hand book
    Brennan, Fire engineering books.
    This will help you understand lots of things and help to answer your crews questions about why things are done a specific way.

    Fire Stream Management Handbook
    Dave Fornell, Fire Engineering books

    The Three Meter Soldier.
    By J. D. Prndry, Presidio Press, Novato Ca
    This last one is a real good leadership bood written by a Command Sergent Major in the Army it may be hard to find.

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