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    Hi, I知 22 and I currently live in the Los Angeles area, and I'm looking to have a long career as a Firefighter. I have read here and there, Captain Bob has a lot of great info to give, although I never personally talked to him. Anyways, I have a rough idea on what my foundation is going to be, and here it is...

    On August 30th I will start an accelerated EMT-I course at School of EMT in Long Beach. The course is exactly a month long and will hopefully soon after be working as an EMT-I. Anybody attend School of EMT? How was it? What was the difficulty level?

    And than when I feel I have enough experiance I plan to apply to UCLA's prehosptial paramedic program, which will take about 7 to 8 months or whatever school comes my way.

    After this I have no clue on where to start my career as a FF. The city that I live in (Glendale) has a Cadet program, I don't know whether to start there or go straight to an accredited academy or just straight out apply for FF and go to the academy through them. Which is easier said than done I know, but I'm talking as if I have already done my research and work for the interview process and have been accepted to there academy. I知 not sure if there is anything I can do right now to start the process besides the EMT-I an EMT-P part. Is there anything else I can start myself of with? I知 really ambitious and I知 ready to get my self on the right track to be a firefighter. I am in need of advice and guidance, thanks a head of time.

    PS: I have started studying for the tests, and will try to test in as many citys that I want to work in as I can, sound good?

    PPS: Anybody know any testing dates in or around my area coming up?

    Nader E. K.
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    Why only test where you want to work?? take every test you can. every test you take makes you that much better for the next test. every interview you go to makes you that much better for the next interview. that way when the tests for the departments you want to work for come up your that much more experienced. whats the worst that could happen, you get offered a job and turn it down?? WOULD you turn it down just because it isnt specifically with the department you want to work for. if you would I say your crazy

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