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    Default Prevention Grants

    With the opening of the prevention granty application period I am looking for some words of wisdom. Last year I put in for money to fund a company inspector/investigator program. I thought it was inovative and made efficent use of the funds. Besides everyone I talked to was putting in for a safety trailer. Unfortunately I got a Dear John. What type of programs are they looking to fund? Should I look for funding for the comapany inspector program? I could likely justify a safety trailer but I think the company inspector program would be far more bang for the buck. Any input you have would be helpful.

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    I just got done reading the program guidence for the 04 prev grants. It's a great place to start to find out where the priorities are this year. It looks again as though they are looking for things like smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. With last years grant we will be purchasing 1800+ detectors plus extinguishers to outfit every child in our school system.

    The program guidence is really a good place to begin formulating a plan for 04.

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