This was sent to me by one of our engineers, who's the co-chair of the CSFA Volunteer Committee. The survey can be found at:

"The CSFA Volunteer Committee has been asked by the State Fire Marshal’s Office to provide recommendations for the volunteer firefighter training program. The committee has decided to suggest the elimination of the current volunteer firefighter certificate and proceed with the development of a three-tiered progressive training program that would result in the issuance of the Firefighter 1 certificate upon completion. Other factors will be incorporated in the final proposal but the primary issue is the development of the three levels of training with the basic skills at Level 3.

We are soliciting input from all levels of the fire service to develop an aggressive, structured training program for the volunteer fire services. The primary objective is to design a progressive program that will better serve the volunteer departments while at the same time bring the level of training up and more uniform with full-time agencies."