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    Default Decon Procedures for Drug Labs

    I would like to know what other fire departments are doing for decon at drug labs? Currently we respond in level B along with drug agents/Police. We use our haz. mat. procedures for these folks and that's not a problem. I would like to know what you do for innocent kids and other family members and the drug makers. We set up a decon tent and have everyone strip and go through the soap and water shower. Men and women are separated.We give them tyvek clothing to put on and transport them to a hospital. The shower is manned by male firefighters. What do you do with their clothing, wallets, watches etc.? What are your procedures?

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    we follow the same procudure as we
    would at any hazmat incident, pretty
    much the same as you stated. The clothes,
    and belongings are bagged and tagged, and
    turned over to the law enforcement angency
    we are assisting, as evidence.

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