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    Default Flow ruduction

    We have recently been outfitting our brush trucks with FireFox front bumper mount monitors.

    These are perfect for our pump and roll attacks which we often have to do on running prairie/sagebrush fires.

    We opted for the 30/60/95/125 nozzle to get more versatility.

    We have done some tests and we have found that at pump engine idle with nozzle set at 30gpm we are flowing 25gpm with good reach and stream pattern.

    This knocks the snot out of most wildires we have, but it eats up water FAST! Fast relative to wildland flows that is.

    We have 2 F550 brush trucks with 500 gallons. That gives you 20 minutes of continous flow per truck.

    We have another FireFox mounted on a International with 800 gallons that gives you 32 minutes of flow.

    So, right now we have 72 minutes of fire fighting flow on these 3 brush trucks. At 25 gallons a minute with foam you are knocking a wildfire pretty good. But there are times where a smaller flow would be sufficient and extend your flow time.

    We would like to get down to 15gpm in a cheap and easy way. There is a single fixed flow nozzle available from Akron, but they are pricy and we like being able to quickly change flows with the variable nozzle.

    Is there a fitting of some sort we could put on the monitor itself? Just before the nozzle, some thing that would choke it down a bit but still let you change quickly?

    Is there an adjustable flow inline fitting?

    The outlet for the monitor is 1.5 inches, what if you reduced to 1" and then back up to the 1.5?

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    You're on the right track but I have a cheaper solution than buying all those fittings.

    Take your nozzle to a local fabricator or sheet metal shop and get them to press/cut you some "washer blanks" that will fit inside the nozzle coupling. Then all you need to do is drill an opening in the blank in the propper diameter to give you the GPM flow you want. Once you have one - then you can get the shop to punch out a bunch of them. You can even get fancy and press different diameter openings for various GPM's if you want to.

    There is a snazzy formula you can use to calculate the orifice diameter for the GPM flow required but I can't give it to you right now because
    1) I'm at work and don't have any of my engineering books with me
    2) I have worked as a computer programmer for so long that I've forgotten about 90% of the engineering stuff I went to school for.
    3) The Boss won't sit down & stay in his office long enough for me to do any really good reading/research for it on the web.

    I'll look it up & post it back to you ASAP. Until then good luck on your own.
    Take Care - Stay Safe - God Bless

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