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    Default Is a picture worth a thousand words?

    Good day to everyone. I am currently preparing applications for my first firefighting job. I am hearing differing opinions whne it comes to attaching a picture with a resume. Do you think this is a good idea or would it be detrimental to an application. Thanks in advance for any replies.

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    Default Canadian???

    As I suggest in one of your previous postings on resumes, applications and resumes are handled differently in Canada than the US. I would Contact http://www.recruitfirefighter.com for their advice.

    Pulling Out All the Stops

    Candidates were asked to submit a photo with their applications to go forward in the hiring process. One candidate called to find out what the requirements were for the photo. They said just a head shot, because one candidate had already submitted a photo of himself in uniform, standing on an engine, with a dalmatian dog on a lease, and holding a little girl in his other hand.

    Talk about pulling out all the stops.

    A small head shot photo can be used more on a resume. It reminds the raters who you are. A rater told me his panel interviewed over 80 candidates. Three candidates had photos in the upper corner of their resumes. Those three made it to the finals.

    "Captain Bob"


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    Realize by putting your picture on a resume you are taking a chance. If the panel likes it, it was a good move. If you have an old crusty salt on your panel, it's a bad move.

    I tend to like it when someone goes through all of the extra effort to take the time to make their resume look professional.

    Is it a make or break an interview. Absolutely not.

    I would never state that all people who made it to the top made it because of their picture being on their resume. I would suggest rather, that these people are the type to go above and beyond. This is what the interview panel learned about the candidate.

    I have scored candidates with pictures on their resume both ways. I have had some where it was apparent that putting a photo on their resume was just another thing to indicate how much effort they are willing to put into gtting the job.

    On the other hand, I have seen people who were terribly ill prepared for the interview. My comment is they should have spent less time in Adobe print shop working on their picture and more time learning how to take an interview.

    Bottom line:
    A picture on your resume is not going to get (or cost) you a job. It is imperative that you sell yourself to the panel. If the panel doesn't like the message you are sending a billboard won't help you.
    Paul Lepore
    Battalion Chief
    Author of Smoke Your Firefighter Interview and The Aspiring Firefighter's 2-year Plan

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