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    Default Req Change to approved grant

    We received a grant for 15 sets turnout gear (head to toe) and 12 SCBA. Finding competition in pricing for SCBA, not so mush in turnout. Looks like we used to low a # for turnout @ $1500. Used $4900/SCBA (high pressure). Obviously can spend all the SCBA $ on options/extra tanks etc. OR spend more than $1500 per set of turnout to upgrade to PBI, leather boots etc. I think transfering budget $ from SCBA to turnout requires FEMA approval

    Is there a max $ amount FEMA allows per set for turnout gear (if $1500 is max allowable no point in rocking the boat)?

    Anyone requested such a change or have experience with change requests?

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    i'm not sure but i think it does need FEMA apporval, after we got our grant we decided to upgrade the reflective striping and one other option on the turnout gear we spec'd so we just payed a little more from our share to make up for the extra cost on the gear.

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    Last year we were awarded 1600$ per set of head to toe turnouts.

    I think they give higher awards then that.

    We were awarded 4500$ for SCBAs.

    For the 1600 we bought Cheiftan 3200X Advance turnouts which are their quick ship gear, Hoods, Fireman 8 gloves, Phenix 1500 helmets with goggles and ID system, and ranger rubber boots. That only came up to 1300 so we had 300 left over on 12 sets of PPE and we purchased everybody new helmets and helmet lights.

    It can be debated all day long about what outer shell etc... what to get. But IMO the Advance gear is fine.

    I do wish we would have went with leather boots though. No big deal, they are just a little nicer then the rubber. Not sure about leather in severe cold and keeping your feet warm.

    Here is about the best prices I have seen for Cheiftain turnouts. This is less then we paid last year with our grant.


    730$ for 3200X advance kakie turnouts, quick ship so you get them very quick.

    30$ for a decent hood.
    50$ for decent gloves

    Up to 810$

    You have 690$ to play with.

    I like the Phenix helmets, but if I had it to do over again I would go with the Bullard Firedome LT. Even lighter then the Phenix and very comforatable.

    They are about 125$

    In any case you can get a helmet for about that if you dont go traditional or leather.

    So you are down to 565$

    You should be able to get leather boots for 200-250, rubber for 100$.

    Say higher end leather for 250$

    You are down to 315$

    You can still buy helmet lights, extra gloves, etc...

    1500$ is not that bad if you are not dead set on PBI or leather helmets. You can probly go that rout also, but you dont get to buy lights and such then.

    That is a pretty good award for you SCBA. That should get you full on super SCBAs.
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    You can move money around, but it has to be leftover funds and it will require FEMA approval.

    Obviously, FEMA is not going to give you extra money due to not budgeting enough, but you can use leftover money in other areas (you budget $56,000 to replace SCBA, but only spend $53,000, you can use that $3,000 to purchase more SCBA, turnout gear, or something else you will need)

    If you think you might run short on purchasing your turnout gear, your best bet is to make all other purchases first, then purchase the turnout gear last. You will know how much money you will have leftover (if any, however we budget higher than the highest bid we receive to account for manufacturer price increases), and you can request to use that moeny on your turnout gear.

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    neiowa wrote:

    Is there a max $ amount FEMA allows per set for turnout gear (if $1500 is max allowable no point in rocking the boat)?

    In speaking with two different DHS/FEMA Project Managers during this process, I was told that $2000 is the max limit for a full set of turnouts.

    I was also told that $4000 was the limit for SCBA.

    In reading the Program Guidance, assuming I am reading it correctly, you are allowed to automatically spend $5000 in excess funds for your target areas and NOT have to get approval if you are targeting extending your project. I think this would cover your additional expenses assuming you had a savings elsewhere and had the money available.

    Hope this helps and congrats on your award.

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