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    Question to move or not to move that is the question

    I am just finishing up medic school and sitting for the test this weekend here is the problem I know of a job in FL high 30 to start but my new wife says that she would we move to california for two reasons one near her fam but also she is more happy with this area but from what I have read you must have an as or a bs in order to get on a dept out there any ideas I would like to hear from all if you have an opion let me have it thanks

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    Default Bad info

    from what I have read you must have an as or a bs in order to get on a dept out there
    Not true. I don't know of one department that requires an AS or BA to be hired. Some do require an academy.

    If you're a medic you stand a better chance of getting hired because 80% of the job offerings are for fire/medics. Get your cert and stay home and test.

    Also if moma isn't happy no one is going to be happy. Be a good listener. Try to make the move so everyone benefits.

    Shall I move my family to the area I want to test for?

    Do yourself and your family a big favor. Donít even think about moving until you get the invitation in writing that you have the job. Never move away from family, friends, support and established connections thinking that will improve your chances of getting a badge.

    This is not the first time I've seen this question. A candidate is invited to the chiefís oral. He just knows they want him. He gives notice at his job, his apartment and finds a new apartment for the city he is being considered for. He starts packing. After the chiefís interview he is notified to complete the medical, given the date for the academy, uniform fitting and then the psych. He flies down to complete these items in two days. He goes by with his wife to check on the new apartment, flies home and waits for the mover to show up the next day.

    Donít touch that dial. There is something wrong with the psych interview. It comes back inconclusive. They want him to retake the psych. But the movers are on their way. I can taste that badge. I know they want me.

    A medic candidate moved his family from southern California to Seattle, so he could be in position for the next test. Although he made the list, he was going to have to wait until they got down to him. In the mean time the pressures built up at home, he lost his house in California to foreclosure, and got in a heated argument with his wife. The police arrived and arrested him for domestic violence. This at a time when he was in background for the next academy. Everything came to a full halt. Fortunately, in the state of Washington, if you complete the counseling and probation program and itís your first offense, you can appeal the court to remove the charge. Now a year later, this has been done. The Seattle list he was on expired. Now itís back to square one.

    Here's more from 10-97

    Excellent advise however if you still want to jump be ready.

    Take the time and do a complete inventory of the region you want to live in. Are there jobs? What kind of jobs can you find or possibly take while waiting for a department job. Can you get all of your certifications and licenses over? What agencies do you need to contact to do that and how long will it take? How much will it cost?

    Are you working for a company now that has branches in that state? That would help a lot if you where.

    How much will it cost to move? If you are doing it with a mover across the country it can be as much as 12,000 or more with all of the extras.

    How much of a cushion are you going to need when you get there? Or how far can you stretch your self before you have to work?

    What are you going to do for medical coverage while you donít have a job? This can cost you 600 a month or more for a family plan.

    Do you have loans to worry about? Do you have a house to sell? Are you going to buy a home with out a job?

    If anyone thinking of doing this especially if you have a family to provide for think through the entire process before you decide to go for it. Itís almost a full time job planning the move and then getting it done. If you are lucky enough to be young and single itís easier but not easy.

    When you get there remember you are basically beginning all over again. If you havenít done your home work before hand you will be at the bottom looking at a very long hike out, so take the time to talk with people and plan. Scouting trips are a key tool to helping you make a successful move. And always remember ďA bird in the hand is worth two in a bushĒ.

    "Nothing counts 'til you have the badge . . . Nothing!"

    Fire "Captain Bob"

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