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    Unhappy Need Rescue Vehicle

    My department has a problem and I figured that this site could help,we recently responded to a major wreck and the vehicle we were in blew the motor, the problem is I work for a small fully paid dept., and they do not have the funds to replace the truck. I need your assistance in finding a rescue vehicle, I need sites where a affordable vehicle might be listed. Our past rescue vehicle was a
    ford 3/4 ton extended van, it worked well but we need a 1 ton rated or larger unit, I am not asking for a gift but rather a direction we could go to find another rescue unit. Thank you for letting me use this site to help my department: We have 10 Paid Members and cover 931 sq.miles with rescue and fire.

    Calvin Chaney/ firefighter 13 years
    Breckenridge Fire Dept
    Breckenridge Texas
    105 north rose
    Breckenridge,Texas 76424
    If you call Ask For George Rodgers Asst.chief

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    Try checking out e-bay. Sounds hokie but I've seen son nice used apparatus listed under "Vehicles" that go for realitively little money (alot listed from your area).
    Just like any used vehicle, you'll need to check it out real good and probably have to put some bucks into whatever you purchase.

    Just a thought. Good luck in your search. -bob-

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    I'm assuming you are looking for used... Find out who in your state deals with selling De-commissioned state vehicles. I bet you could get something from the highway department that is still usable.

    Better yet... you are out west... find out who sells the old vehicles in Arizona. You might be able to get a clean frame with lots of miles. You can buy big block rebuild motors for a couple of thousand dollars and a rebuilt tranny if you need to.

    A lot of time you can find some really great buys this way.

    Good luck,
    Brian Bielanski
    Huntington Community First Aid Squad
    NREMT-B - NYS EMT-B - CPC Team

    "The game of life can sometimes be too short. So play it with everything you've got." Robin Yount Hall of Fame SS-OF - Milwaukee Brewers

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    Contact your state forester for a Dept of Defense surplus vehicle. LOTS of stuff available in Texas.

    Or for better results located the vehicle yourself and then ask the forester to get it for you. www.drms.dla.mil

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