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    Im an explorer at the Don Biedebach Regional Training Center located in Angeles National Forest. we do alot of p/t that consists of mostly hiking, running, and lots and lots of pushups, oh and did i mention we do alot of pushups too?ha well im doing things on my own time like hiking and running, sometimes i even put weights in my backpack and go hiking, any tricks you guys do? it would be greatly appreciated

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    As you know, aerobic fitness is a big factor in wildland work. A good trick that many mountaineers use is to fill several 2 liter plastic bottles with water and put them in your pack. You can tailor the weight by dumping some of the water. You can even drink it to keep hydrated! Dumping some/all of the water can reduce the strain on the downhills or instantly lose your load if you start to feel poor. Try a jaunt up to the top of Mt. Baldy from Baldy Village (~5,500 ft. elev. gain over 7 miles (14 mi. roundtrip). Try hiking in different areas of the Angeles. It will help you become familiar with areas you may end up working.

    Train in weather conditions that you are likely to encounter. Don't limit your hikes to pleasant weather - go when it is hot (within reason - don't risk heat stroke, etc.) and you'll find your tolerance building.

    Try some mountain biking - it is a good cross training activity and can break up the monotony of doing the same thing over and over.

    Work on flexibility and core strength. Some may laugh but yoga is a great way to build flexibility and help with balance and coordination as well.

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