The “Firefighter-Biker Alliance” (, a small organization, comprised of firefighters and motorcycle enthusiasts, located just outside of Chicago, Illinois is dedicated to helping people in the Chicago-land area by providing financial assistance through our fundraising activities, as well as personal, hands-on support with the donated time of our volunteers. Currently, we are getting ready to host a major fundraiser on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2004 for a very deserving family in Bridgeview, Illinois.

This event will benefit Rita Stevenson, the 27-year-old mother of three little boys, who has also been raising her three nieces for the past six years. This young woman has endured more hardship in the past several years than anyone should ever have to. Her first sister died in a tragic house fire, and a second sister lost her battle with cancer at the age of 31, leaving behind three pre-teen daughters. Her father suffered from diabetes, and after having had both of his legs amputated, he was bedridden and in need of constant attention. Rita did not hesitate to step up and take responsibility for his care, cleaning and dressing his wounds and tending to his daily needs, until he passed away two years ago. After her Dad died, Rita tried hard, but wasn’t able to keep up with the financial obligations of the family home, and the six children she was now raising alone, and she lost the house to foreclosure. But, it is within the last two months that this story gets even worse. After collapsing at her job last month, where she worked twelve-hour days trying to make ends meet, Rita was diagnosed with a large pituitary tumor in her brain that will require a craniotomy to remove. That brain surgery had been scheduled, but then cancelled, when another tragedy devastated this family. Two weeks ago, Beckie, the youngest of the three nieces being raised by Rita, was killed in an ATV accident at the age of 16. It’s hard to comprehend how anyone could suffer through all of this and survive, but Rita has been unbelievably courageous. With no time to grieve yet another horrific loss, she must now try to ready herself and her family for her upcoming surgery. As you can imagine, their current financial state is not good, and we anticipate that the situation will only degrade as Rita has not been able to work since discovering the tumor, and will not be able to return to work for several months after her brain surgery. We are hoping to ease her burden just a little so that she can go into this challenge with a positive outlook and attitude.

This is where YOU come in! On SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2004 we will be holding a large “Motorcycle Poker-Run”, in conjunction with a Barbeque, to help raise funds for this family so desperately in need. If you are interested in attending the party or riding in the motorcycle run you can get the info from or by calling (630) 803-4963.